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Global Women4Women is a network of female life travelers, who are seeking to empower themselves through a community of likeminded sisters. 

It's a platform where women can connect, uplift, and support each other's highest selves and most profitable ventures. It is a place for positive sharing, self-empowerment training, and helping each other create the lives of our dreams!  

As the creator of Global Women4Women, my mission is to help loving, dedicated women to tap into their inner guidance system and their passion for creating an empowered life that allows for true flow to emerge.  

We support eachother through Women4Women Group Meetings (Womens' Circle) Mindfulness Activities, Parenting Talks, Courses and an Online Community.

As a Parent Coach, a former International Career Recruiter, a mom of four TCkids, and an expatriate for more than 20 years I help to empower women, who struggle with life transitioning, career challenges and raising their kids abroad, to engage from a place of deep connection and empowerment so that they can enjoy peace, joy and cooperation at home. 

I invite you to learn more here about Global Women4Women's philosophy and the Ultimate Parent Success Online Program for conscious women.



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