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Parent Coaching Program Per Week


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Your enrollment today will create an instant shift within your family. Get started now. It's empowering. It's risk free. It's stress free. 

My program is tailored for busy moms and is a 100% online with weekly personal coaching calls through telephone conferencing.

It's entirely hassle-free for you. I'll set everything up so you can do it from home when it's convenient for you !

Imagine, an internationally recognized parenting course delivered straight to your door and at a highly competitive start up price for new clients.

So, what do I offer :

10 Weeks to Ultimate Parent Success Package :

The Ultimate Parent Success Online Course plus Quantum Mindshift Meditations specially created for you !

Powerful add-on for Ultimate Success : 10 one hour one-on-one Coaching Sessions  from the convenience of your home.

How does it work ? 

  1. You sign up here to book your course. 
  2. Then you'll receive your intake form and login details to my parenting program the Ultimate Parent Success Online Course which you can do from home whenever it's most convenient for you. 
  3. Once you are in the program, the course audio automatically gets emailed to you once a week. The program runs for 10 weeks and during those 10 weeks you'll receive a new audio each week. There's no hassle. The program has been created to make your life easier, and to deliver instant results. 
  4. Once a week, I organise a telephone coaching call for you where we will get the chance to celebrate your wins and talk through any difficulties that have come up for you during the week's parenting practice at home.


Women's Circle Program Per Week


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A unique opportunity to get together with like-minded Mamas in Sofia.

This weekly course is organized in cooperation with Sequoia Events in Boyana and takes place every Monday morning at 10am, starting on March 11th.

So, how does it work ? 

You need to enrol either through this website or directly at Sequoia Events to book your place.

Every Monday, we meet up at Sequoia Events in Boyana and the classes, audios, meditation and coaching sessions will happen right there and then !

My program is created for busy mamas to offer you a nurturing "time-out" in your week, a special moment just for you, with time to enjoy a relaxing environment, self discovery and other women's company too! 

Maximize your self care with this exceptional program.

It's non judgemental. There's no stress. There's no expectations to your progress. You work your way through the course at your own pace. 

Maximum number of participants in a group is 7 women.

Parent Coaching


Stuck in the Muck ?

  • Feeling guilt and frustration with yourself as a parent?
  • Getting irritated or even angry with your children?
  • Lacking encouragement for parenting in new ways?
  • Longing for a different energy at home but unsure how to get it ? 

Every parent grapple with self critique, disciplin issues, tantrums and outbursts, how to get their child to peacefully cooperate and 'do the right thing'.  But what if there was a way to shift this ?


Kick Off Your Empowerment Revolution

What if there was a way to create a deeply connected relationship with your child that would once and for all help you shift negative parenting strategies and create a more peaceful parenting life ? A life in flow, calm and love. 


You're Worth It !

Are you ready to step into the sacred and empowering experience of parenting that is available to every human being ? Are you committed to living your life from your highest vibration ? 

Parent coaching is completely judgement-free, confidential, and built for your busy schedule. Coaching is done online so you don’t have to interrupt your life to participate. 

My Program is designed to help you parent from a new perspective: to find ways to parent calmly, actively connect with your kids and hold positive boundaries.

My job is to walk with you as you shift your parenting role and create a life of abundance, peace and joy. 

Reach out today. 

You're worth it!

How Does It Work ?

It All Starts With You

The #1 gift you can give your child and all those around you is taking care of you  ! 

Remember,  you cannot serve from an empty vessel. Cultivation of self-compassion, love, gentle self-acceptance and self-awareness are essential components of Conscious Parenting. 

Children learn what they live, not what we tell them.

You Can Shift Your Focus

As one of the first in Europe, I'm proud to offer my clients the Jai Institute of Parenting's transformational coaching program. 

The Ultimate Parent Success Online Course is about you making profound shifts in your parenting and family relationships.

I am working together with you to help you create a deep transformational experience for you as a parent first. As you become aware of your own deepest needs through practice, Conscious Parenting organically evolves from a heart place of understanding and meeting the deeper needs of your children, rather than getting mindlessly caught up in, and reactive to, surface behaviors. 

  1. 10 Personalized weekly coaching calls focused on your issues and your family
  2. Full access to the 10 weeks to Ultimate Parent Success Online Course created by globally renowned Jai Institute for Parenting 
  3. Plus course material, including calming mindshift meditations so you can start building true support today

In just 10 weeks, you personally experience the entire process of transformation that allows deep connection, cooperation and peace of mind between you and your child.

Take Action Today

My services are designed to be an adventure of self-discovery, you will gain a new perspective to your problems and see solutions you could not see before. 

You will learn tools and strategies that will help you improve your life and uncover how to make better decisions by empowering you to achieve your soul-based goals.  

Through this powerful 10 weeks to Ultimate Parent Success Online Course, you will experience the transformational inner work of self empowerment and you'll discover a renewed ability to connect with your child from a place of genuine openness. 

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