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You Are Capable Of Amazing Things

As a mom of four international kids who were born and raised abroad, Sanne is a long-time expatriate and knows how to parent through the challenges and obstacles of multi-lingualism, cross cultural issues, international schooling, relocation and transitioning at logistical and emotional level, cultural diversities and the psychological implications of traveling, including many other themes on the Expat Impact spectrum.

She has lived through numerous expatriations across continents, and has shed and rediscovered parts of herself with each move and new country. 

A Danish national of origin, Sanne is interculturally married and is raising her four kids through Conscious Parenting Strategies. 

Her youngest child is a pre-schooler and her oldest is a teen-ager.

Before training as a Parenting Coach, Sanne worked as an international  recruiter, coach and headhunting researcher.

Step Into Your True Power

Sanne Maria Bur Andersen inspires and empowers conscious parents to create connected, respectful, and thriving families by eliminating fear-based parenting methods still commonly in use today. 

Sanne holds a Master's Degree in Modern Cultural Studies from the University of Copenhagen and has studied Literature at UCL in London as part of her BA. She received her Post Master's qualifications in Communications from the Danish School of Journalism and is a Holistic Life Coach and Certified Parenting Coach through the Jai Institute of Parenting, California.

Driven by her passion for Coaching and Psychology, Sanne is currently studying for a double Masters  in General Psychology at Sofia University.


For daily inspiration, Sanne treasures her tribe of fellow, mindful coaches and wisdom seekers. She is a mentoree of Dr. Shefali, Suzi Lula and the Conscious Parenting Revolution.  

You can find Sanne and her business brand GlobalWomen4Women on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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I take a practical, positive approach to parenting – which means no added stress, guilt or pressure. 

Just straightforward, realistic, and research-based strategies to help you parent through these challenges with self-compassion, insightfulness and confidence!